Quick Air

 Viraj Technologies preferred pipework partner is Legris.

 Quick air is the world's leading manufacturer of high quality pipeline fittings, and aluminum piping systems to a wide variety of industries applications such as Compressed Air Systems, and nitrogen gas piping system and inert gases.

Why Quick air?

The concept of Quickair pipes and fittings was pioneered by GSK and there are now many millions in service around the world. As more and more installers and Original Equipment Manufacturers begin to see the benefits in labour saving and reliability offered by our Quickairsystem.The old methods of welding and threading, are being replaced by Quickair systems. We now offer a comprehensive range of over 500 products addressing virtually every piping requirement. Quickair require no special tools. Simply cut the pipe and insert it into the fitting to effect a secure and reliable connection. Thus, our products offer the most reliable and cost effective solution to piping system.

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