Bechem Lubrication Technology

 Bechem Lubricating Oils and Fluids, Lubricating Greases

 Unless desired, friction adversely affects efficiency of motion transfer. Quest for a perfect lubricant that can reduce friction and maximize performance under varying environmental conditions has continued over ages and led to the development of advanced lubrication technologies.

While reduction of friction and wear between contacting surfaces is still the primary concern, modern day lubricants shoulder much enormous responsibilities. The lubricant not only has to contend extreme operating conditions such as excessive temperatures, exposure to water, dirt and dust laden environments but also provide long term or in some cases lifetime lubrication. Such demanding applications require special lubrication technology.

Pioneering the technology, BECHEM, has developed a vast array of high performance lubricants for critical applications across industry segments. Equipped with state-of-the-art production units in Germany, India and China, BECHEM has the capability to supply high performance specialty lubricants across the world.

BECHEM India is a 100% subsidiary of BECHEM GMBH with its Corporate office and plant located in Bangalore. BECHEM India is ‘ISO/IATF/16949 : 2016’ certified and manufactures high quality specialty lubricants for critical applications in various industries such as Cement, Steel, Automotive, Textile, Food & Pharma, Sugar Processing and Metal Working Processes.

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